About the NZFD Trust

The NZFD Trust helps support the operational costs of the service, including the purchase of specialised equipment and training as the Te Whatu Ora contracts don’t meet the full overall cost of delivering the NZFD service.

The New Zealand Flying Doctors (NZFD) Trust is dedicated to providing medical assistance to those in need. With an annual fundraising target of over $3,000,000, the Trust ensures the operation runs smoothly and efficiently. Recent years have seen an increase in demand for the service, leading to an increase in costs. The NZFD team has moved into a purpose-built emergency facility, the GCH Aviation base, to accommodate this growth. Through the NZFD Trust, we provide and maintain medical equipment that is fully compatible with hospital equipment. This ensures we can provide back-up, emergency contingency, and maintenance cover, enabling us to provide the highest level of care to our patients.

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The Role of the Trustees

A deliberate blend of commercial expertise and health experience has been sought in establishing the make-up of the Trust, which is currently under the Chairmanship of Dr David Bowie.

Meet our Trustees

NZFD Trustees

Back Row Left to Right: Greg Thompson, Jock Muir, Barry Bragg, David Cartwright
Front Row Left to Right: David Bowie, Cilla Glasson, Murray Weakley, Nicole Robinson, Charlotte Smith-Smulders