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Cessna Conquest II C441 ZK-NFD


The New Zealand Flying Doctor Trust Cessna Conquest C441 is a  pressurised twin turbo prop, single pilot, IFR aircraft purchased in 2001 from the Australian Flying Doctor Service. It is capable of flying at 300 knots and up to 35,000 feet.  The C441 has proved to be a real performer in the Air Ambulance role, cutting down travel times with its speed and performance.



Max all up Weight: 4,500kg
Certified to 35,000ft
Certified Single Pilot IFR
Fully Pressurized
Powered by: Garret TPE331-8 Turbine Engines producing 800 Hp each
Seating: 6 VIP passengers
Cruise Speed: 520 km/h
Range: 1,500nm
Wingspan: 15.04m
Length: 11.89m
Height: 4m

Full Medical and VIP Interior


Please note: These figures are provided as a guideline only. Performance varies with changes in temperature, altitude and operational activity.


Cessna Conquest II C441 ZK-NFDCessna Conquest II C441 ZK-NFDCessna Conquest II C441 ZK-NFD
Cessna Conquest II C441 ZK-NFD


Cessna Conquest II C441 ZK-NFD

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